Common Core State Standards

Rowad AlKhaleej International School Mughrizat implements the American Diploma Program for students to gain entrance into the most prestigious universities and tertiary education courses in America and around the world. We also offer SAT I and SAT II examinations to ensure our students have a higher success rate of entering their preferred universities and colleges. To prepare children for this program and SAT exams we use the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Not only is it the most widely used academic standards in the United States, but CCSS has the highest-quality standards informed by the most effective models to ensure successful results in the American Diploma Program and SAT I and SAT II exams.

The CCSS outlines specific academic goals students should achieve by the end of each grade. Our teachers monitor student performance against this progression path. We currently utilize Pearson textbooks to meet these standards and provide instructional guidance. This allows students to gain the knowledge and skills required to achieve academic excellence in standardized testing. It also ensures students to graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in university, college, career and life. By teaching the CCSS, we also hope to instill a love of learning in a happy, stimulating environment which inspires, challenges, and encourages independence; where students feel they can take risks and learn from their experiences.

Common Core State Standards Curriculum

American Diploma

The American Diploma Program is an international university and college entrance system conducted in English which is recognized in the United States as well as internationally. It allows the implementation of the International Standards of Learning and is considered a rich and rigorous system, originating from the best educational practices existing in the United States of America. Students that graduate from RAIS Mughrizat with an American Diploma can expect their qualifications to be recognized and accepted in the best universities and colleges in America and around the world.

The American Diploma Program begins in Grade 9 and ends upon completion of Grade 12. A student must accumulate a total of 28 credits to graduate. Each student is awarded a different number of credits as they pass different subjects at each grade level. Once students successfully earn 28 credits, they will be eligible for receiving the American Diploma. Students also are encouraged to take the SAT I and SAT II examinations, to provide them with a better chance to be accepted into universities and colleges around the world.

American Diploma Program Curriculum

Saudi National Curriculum

We believe it is important for our students to be fluent in Arabic as well as the English language. This ensures that students have the best opportunity to be successful in Saudi Arabia and internationally. It is also important for students to be aware of Islamic concepts, the history of Saudi Arabia and the local context. This is why we place great emphasis on delivering strong Arabic, Islamic and cultural programs. For Arabic, Islamic studies and the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia subject, we implement the National Curriculum of Saudi Arabia to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education. Although we lean on this rigorous program, we enhance learning by offering opportunities to our students to extend their studies by being involved in local and regional competitions and attending field trips that extends the knowledge of our students beyond learning that takes place in the classroom.

National Curriculum of Saudi Arabia

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