Future Safe Drivers Field Trip

It is hard to imagine that our students may one day be behind the wheel of a car.  It feels so far off, but that day will be here sooner than you think!  It is important for children to understand at a young age the significance of following the rules of the road.  Now that students learned about the meaning of traffic signals and road signs, they can recognize safe and unsafe choices on the road whether from the passenger’s seat now or the driver’s seat later!

The first grade and kindergarten classes went to Al-Rashid Mall in Al-Khobar on March 28th to visit the Traffic Safety Village.  First, students had their picture taken for their new driver’s license.  Then, they were taught the meaning of traffic signals, road signs, and lines on the road by the traffic educators.  The best part is that they got to put these ideas into practice.  Students drove their own car around the village following the rules they just learned.  It was a blast watching them wait at intersections for the light to turn green.  Everyone remembered to buckle up, too!

Following the learning experience, the classes got to see another part of Khobar, have play time, and enjoy their lunches outside.  Don’t forget to continue this conversation with your students while traveling in the car.  You can make sure your child is responsible putting on his or her own seatbelt and discuss whether choices you saw made by drivers were safe or unsafe. It’s never too early to talk about safety!


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