Girls School Principal Welcome

Girls School Principal

Hend Dkheel

Welcome to Rowad AlKhaleej International School Mughrizat in Riyadh.  Rowad AlKhaleej International Schools are KSA’s premiere private schools known for being providers of quality education that are recognized for their innovative teaching and learning programs. Rowad AlKhaleej International Schools opened their first school in Dammam in 2010 and quickly gained the reputation for being one of the best American-International schools in Saudi Arabia. Based on this success, in 2015 we opened RAIS Mughrizat in Riyadh with the vision of providing quality American education to students based on international standards.

School Principal Hend Dkheel
Hend Dkheel - Girls School Principal

Based on the shared vision of all Rowad AlKhaleej International Schools, we are committed to empowering students to think creatively, to value diversity, to pursue a passion for learning, and contribute in a positive way to society while continuing to embrace the values of our society.

Rowad AlKhaleej International Schools are proud of our values which include: respect, responsibility, tolerance, thoughtfulness, honesty, co-operation, and positivity. RAIS Mughrizat endorses these values and strongly believes that the link between values, education and student well-being is powerful.

RAIS Mughrizat in Riyadh is unique in many ways. We have world-class facilities that are ideal for students learning at an optimal rate. Walking around our school you will see light and spacious classrooms with modern furniture, interactive whiteboards, audio facilities and projectors. You will also see well-equipped playgrounds, science labs, IT rooms, libraries, football fields, gymnasium, cafeterias and an auditorium. Beyond our facilities it is our phenomenal staff which make the learning experience for our students outstanding. We are extremely fortunate to have a team of highly qualified native English speaking teachers from around the world who are dedicated to delivering engaging lessons. Our staff also genuinely care about our students and ensure that they always feel at home in their classrooms and want to be at school. Aside from our teachers we also have many excellent support and administration staff who handle the day-to-day logistics and operations required in a large international school.

We recognize that an important part of a school’s success is due to the interaction between everyone involved in a student’s life. We place great emphasis on effective communications. Our school community is determined to work in partnership with parents in recognition that this student-centered partnership is critical for optimizing student learning. We care and communicate so that we can give your children the very best American-International education!

For further information, please come and visit us and see our school first hand. We will be delighted to welcome you! 

Yours Sincerely,

Hend Dkheel
Girls School Principal

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