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Life at RAIS Mughrizat, Riyadh

Rowad AlKhaleej International School Mughrizat is proud to host a multicultural body of students boasting over 20 nationalities, ranging from two to fifteen years of age, with plans to expand year groups so that students can attend until eighteen years of age. When you come through the doors of our school, you will see evidence of a well-rounded, happy and academically motivated student culture. 

We encourage students to apply the principles from the Leader in Me program, which are integrated into our American curriculum, towards their every-day life. The skills associated with the program’s principles include leadership, responsibility, accountability, problem solving, adaptability, communication, initiative and self-direction, creativity, cross-cultural skills and teamwork in everything they do. We believe that because our staff and students are motivated to acquire these skills, one of the first things you will notice as a parent, teacher or student at RAIS Mughrizat is how courteous and caring is our school community. You will also notice the high levels of motivation students have to learn. During their time at RAIS Mughrizat, students grow into confident, well-rounded individuals that apply the principles from the Leader in Me program into every-day life. These skills provide students with characteristics to thrive in the 21st century in order to be successful.

Typical School Day

The school day begins at 7:15 AM with an assembly. During assembly, we celebrate successes, updates, and reinforce The Leader in Me program. We believe this helps students focus for the day ahead and builds a prosperous school culture. Students start lessons at 7:30 AM and complete their day by 2:30 PM. Our American curriculum includes English, Math and Arabic lessons each day with specialized subjects that vary across the week such as Sciences, Social Sciences, Library, Islamic Studies, Art, Information Technology and Physical Education. Every month the school has a different theme that provides cross-curricular activities to reinforce lessons. We also offer many different extra-curricular events that brings parents into the school such as International Day and after school sporting opportunities.

School Day at Mughrizat School Riyadh

Kindergarten, Elementary & Middle School Grades

For kindergarten and middle school students, there are eight regularly scheduled 45-minute class periods each day beginning at 7:30 AM. Students have a 15-minute break after period 3, a 20-minute lunch break after period 5, followed immediately by a 25-minute period for prayer as mandated by the Saudi Ministry of Education. Students in kindergarten, elementary and middle school grades are excused at 2:30 PM, when they are taken outside to the same place as their morning assembly line to be picked up by their parent, guardian or nominated driver.

High School Grades

In high school, students have seven regularly scheduled 50-minute periods each day beginning at 7:30 AM. Students are currently given 5-minutes at the end of each class period to move to their next classroom. The previous two points are discussed further in a later section as they will be modified later in the year). Students have a 20-minute morning break after 3rd period, a 15-minute period designated for prayer after 5th period as mandated by the Saudi Ministry of Education, followed immediately by a 15-minute lunch break. Students in high school grades are excused at 2:30 PM and are escorted by their last period teacher to the same place as their morning assembly line to be picked up by their parent, guardian or nominated driver. 

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