School Uniform

Where to Collect?

Rowad AlKhaleej International School provides one school uniform free of charge. Additional uniforms can be purchased. Parents can collect the school uniform from the Al Abdul Kareem Uniform Shop (location details below).

3211 Al Urubah Rd, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12245, Saudi Arabia
+966 11 201 0803
Opening Hours:
9 – 11.30 AM | 4 – 10 PM

Dress Code &
Personal Appearance

All students must be in dress code compliance before entering the building and remain that way until exiting at 2:30 PM, or until the end of tutoring, e-learning, course recovery, or any other academic after-school activity.

Daily Uniform

  • Regulation light blue or white polo shirt with school logo
  • Regulation dark blue slacks for boys
  • Regulation dark blue skirts or slacks for girls up to 5th grade
  • Regulation dark blue skirts for girls from 6th grade and up
  • Black or white sport shoes with non-marking soles
  • Regulation school cap for outside activities

Physical Education (PE)

  • Regulation T-shirt
  • Regulation blue or white shorts
  • Sports shoes with non-marking soles

Seasonal Wear

  • Regulation blue sweatshirt with school logo
  • Regulation blue sweater with school logo

*Please note that students will not be able to wear non-uniform items in the classroom.

Student Identification

Every student will be issued a student ID and will be required to wear it during the school day. Students will be responsible for their ID, and if it is lost or misplaced students will need to pay 100SAR to replace it.

General Appearance

  • No headgear of any kind is to be worn, including hoods, unless mandated by religious beliefs.
  • All uniform clothing must be plain without any manufacturer’s logos, brand names, pictures, or insignias visible on the clothing (football shirts are not permitted).
  • Heavy coats, heavy jackets, and raincoats are not to be worn during the school day.
  • Accessories or piercings that are distracting to the learning environment will not be permitted.
  • Boys hairstyles must not be longer than the collar of a student’s shirt.
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