The Leader In Me

The Leader In Me

The Leader in Me is an innovative, school-wide model that emphasizes a culture of student empowerment which helps unleash each child’s full potential. The Leader in Me program is designed to be integrated into a school’s core curriculum and everyday language so that it becomes part of the culture of the school. The Leader in Me process helps to create a common language within a school, built on proven principle-based leadership skills found in Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s best-selling book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.

The Leader in Me
The program has evidence of providing the following benefits for students:
  1. Develops students who have the skills and self-confidence to succeed as leaders in the 21st century.
  2. Decreases discipline referrals.
  3. Teaches and develops character and leadership through the existing core curriculum.
  4. Improves academic achievement.
  5. Raises levels of accountability and engagement among both parents and staff.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids and Highly Effective People is a program we teach from Kindergarten all the way to Grade 12. Applying ‘The 7 Habits’, teachers nurture student leadership skills by integrating the program into everything that we do so that leadership habits are internalized and become normative. The Leader in Me incorporates the following 7 habits:

  1. Be proactive
  2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. Put first things first
  4. Think win-win
  5. Seek first to understand
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the saw

Teachers at Rowad AlKhaleej International School teach The Leader in Me program by integrating leadership language into their instruction and lessons daily to actively build a culture of leadership. Students are also provided with meaningful leadership roles and responsibilities and are given time to reflect on their successes and share stories. We also encourage parent involvement in activities based on the Leader in Me model within the school and at home so that a common language can be established in all areas of life. Each student’s progress is measured against a goal tracking system that is monitored at school and at home so that we know where each child is at and focus on areas of improvement.

For more information please visit: http://www.theleaderinme.org

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