Welcome to RAIS Mughrizat in Riyadh

Rowad AlKhaleej International School - Mughrizat, Riyadh

Welcome to RAIS Mughrizat in Riyadh, an international school with a fantastic reputation and a place where students and staff genuinely want to be. We often say that at RAIS we do things differently as we not only create an environment that sets high academic expectations, but we also encourage excellence in every facet of the child. We believe that it is important to equip our students with 21st-century leadership and life skills, so they can reach their full potential. This is why developing the leader in each child sits at the heart of everything we do. We encourage our students to become leaders in their learning and lives by cultivating academic dependence, self-reliance and proactive behavior in both academic and social development which lends to creating global citizens who are balanced, compassionate, motivated and socially aware. 

We focus heavily on developing our students learning behaviors by implementing the ‘Leader-in-Me’ program. This program focuses on developing skills such as leadership, responsibility, accountability, problem solving, adaptability, communication, initiative and self-direction, creativity, cross-cultural skills, and teamwork. Although children need to be able to read, write and use technology effectively, we also recognize the significance of the results the Leader in Me program provides. Once students have been immersed in the program it is very quickly evident that they are able to communicate more effectively, collaborate with others, problem solve, take risks and accept the challenges in their learning. This helps to develop the whole child and ensures students are fully prepared to meet head-on life challenges in a rapidly changing world.

Our school follows the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), as a framework for student learning. We realize the importance of contextualizing the academic standards so that children understand what they are learning and why. We therefore adapt the CCSS to ensure a conceptual, integrated and enriched learning experience for our students. We do this by using the environment around our students and integrating real life examples from the local context to make the curriculum relevant. We also recognize the importance of equipping our students with skills to provide them with the opportunity to be successful in Saudi Arabia, as well as an international context. Therefore, we integrate standards from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education for Arabic language, Islamic studies and the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into our academic program. 

International School in Riyadh

Children should be given opportunities in a range of environments to grow and develop. This includes academics, sports, creative arts, as well as personal development and discovery activities linked to experience both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, we not only offer subjects such as physical education and art within the school day but also have a range of extra-curricular programs and personal development opportunities for our students to explore. This includes access to world-renown athletic clubs such as AC Milan Football Academy.

When new students join, they find a warm welcome and settle in quickly. We make every effort to make each student feel at home. We also care that every student receives the very best American-international education so we invest heavily in our teachers, resources and facility. Please come and see our school first hand – we will be delighted to welcome you!

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